5 thoughts on “Free College Education? But Where Would the Money Come From?

      • When last I checked, we have a$20, 000, 000, 000, 000.00+ level of debt, as well as the issue of unfunded and underfunded liabilities. Until all of that has been resolved, I really don’t give a damn about bowing to the demands of people for free stuff.


      • My knee-jerk liberal reaction where I stereotype you:

        I posit free education as a possibility and suddenly you’re our nation’s accountant. Calm down. The debt has always risen and will never be paid off, but we still have to budget our money and decide where it is best spent. My argument is that we should spend our money educating our populace instead of pouring it into the military. You know, empathy and smarts vs. “fuck your feelings” stickers and screaming in the weight room.

        And your statement makes it sound like you might be open to a free education if we somehow paid off trillions in debt. I don’t think that’s true. I would wager that people getting anything for free irritates you. Not just education, but anything they didn’t work harder than you to get. Otherwise, it’s a handout, right? That ol’ slap-in-the-face to The Protestant Work Ethic. But the difference between lazy people getting handouts for nothing, and good hard workers receiving their due always seems to correlate with exactly who is getting the money.

        So my question for you is: did you cash your stimulus checks? I mean, that’s a government handout. You’re not taking government handouts, are you?

        My back to the actual issue, more measured reaction:

        Simple question – Would the country be in better shape if everyone was more educated? If your answer is no, then we’re done talking. I mean really, where to take the conversation from there? If yes, then shouldn’t everyone, regardless of their situation, be afforded a continuing education, without going into debt for the rest of their life?

        They’re both necessary. We know this. But would the country be in better shape spending a little less on the military and more on education?


      • Shawn Bailey, if tuition-free college is doable without adding more to the national debt, I would support it. The problem is in whether people who go would use college as a learning experience or as license to party.


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