The Perfect Couple

perfect couple


Me and my wife have seen

the perfect couple.


We’ve seen them dating with their

hands in each other’s back pockets

and smiled when they’ve shown us

their expensive chains and lockets.


We’ve seen them in the gym

forty minutes on the treadmill

keeping in shape and staying trim

each with quite the zeal.


We’ve seen them at their weddings

singing songs of love and crying

as they recite their vows with joy

and sanctify the knot they’re tying.


We’ve seen their network of friends

spanning far and wide

and a new car every year

’cause their friends enjoy the ride.


We’ve seen them at the restaurant

never arguing, that’s true

and attending all events

and laughing right on cue.


Me and my wife have seen

the perfect couple.


We saw one just last week

they weren’t together anymore

“- separately quietly,” she said

but they were still tied up in court.


It seems that after all

they both still had their flaws

but they looked so good together

through all the hems and haws.


An hour ago we fought,

something mundane and silly

and making up was quick

just a simple kiss really.


We haven’t been the perfect couple

for over twenty years

and toiled a little here and there

with blood and sweat and tears.


And here we are still

with all love has to broker

and happy as a lark

to be a couple mediocre.


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